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History Notes
Items of historical trivia.

The Domesday Book
Victoria King tells the story of England's greatest medieval public record.

Victoria King discovers the history of the infamous element.

To Enliven Morality With Wit: The Spectator
Jamie Pratt looks at the journal that influenced its age.

Navigation Before Netscape
Edwin M. Nights charts the history of early navigation.

Barbara Krasner-Khait looks at the development of wallpaper coverings.

Ron Wild describes some of the major eruptions that have changed the course of history.

Facts about the 1500s
Halvor Moorshead sets the record straight.

The 1580s
Suzanne Rent paints a picture of this volatile decade.

Will and Terra Hangen take a tour through the history of two-wheeled transportation.

Step Right Up!
Bob Brooke presents the history of the circus in America.

What Time is Dinner?
Sherrie McMillan looks at the evolution of mealtimes.

Survivor: The History of the Library
Barbara Krasner-Khait checks out the story of the library.

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