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History Magazine opens a window on the past, providing compelling stories about how our world came to be what it is today. In the pages of History Magazine, readers discover articles about exploration, invention, innovation and conflict, and learn about the development of government, medicine, technology, society, trade, the arts and the art of war.

Written from a North American perspective, History Magazine's articles are clear and informative, and supported with colorful maps and illustrations. History Magazine breathes life into the stories of the past, telling tales of both pivotal moments and everyday life with insight.

What Our Readers Are Saying
"I love this magazine. I really like the impartial look into all the diverse areas this magazine covers. I read it, my children read it, then it goes to my best friend who reads it and takes it to her class in high school where it is the most signed-out periodical she has!"

"It is interesting, educational and helps me with my genealogy."

"I like the articles that enable me to 'see and hear' my ancestors in their historical setting. It helps me to know them and the things that likely affected their lives."

"I really like the emphasis on social history, and the wide variety of topics. I like the mixture of odd and 'frivolous' topics (eg. women's hairstyles, roller skating, meal times) as well as the more traditional historical topics. I also like that the mixture of broad overviews as well as specific incidents and obscure historical details. I like that the magazine is not written just for the general reader or the expert, but has information appealing to both."

What the Press Is Saying
"The articles contain a wealth of information.written in a style that appeals to the average person, rather than the historical scholar."
—Regina Hines, The Mississippi Press

"I will say flat out that I am hooked on History Magazine. Wide-ranging, slick, intelligent and fascinating, this is a publication for the history buff whether adult or adolescent. Generally avoiding political/diplomatic history, this publication thrives on social/medical/technological history. Topics culled more or less at random include a history of chess, a look at the Panama Canal, a history of typhoid, an article on medical bloodletting and, a favorite of mine, nineteenth-century fears about premature burial. High school librarians should simply order the magazine as a matter of course and think about ordering all the back issues available for reference purposes. Take a look, then order this wonderful magazine." —Murray Bowman, Essential Resources for Schools & Librarians

About History Magazine Readers
89.9% are American
9.9% are Canadian
72% are college educated
67% are female
49% read each issue cover-to-cover
93% read at least half of each issue
96% plan to renew their subscription
27% have purchased a book featured in History Magazine's Hindsight section
Top hobby interests: Genealogy, Gardening, Travel, Reading/Writing

(Source: History Magazine Reader Surveys - May 2002)
7,200 paid subscribers
8,300 copies sold on newstands
4,500 copies distributed as promotions
20,000 total print run per issue
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