Winter 2020/21
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Opening Notes
William Shakespeare Sporting Stylish Facial Hair; Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9; Walter Hunt: America's Forgotten Inventor; Tallest and Shortest US Presidents

Early Balloon Adventures
David A. Norris looks back at the early history and development of balloon flight

Warís End: My Enemy, My Friend
Dr. Marinelle Ringer recounts her fatherís experiences through letters he wrote home during the Allied occupation of Japan

Grief in the White House
David Bannon looks back through the years at US Presidents affected by the loss of family members while in office

Andrew Hind looks back at one of the oldest holiday traditions

Historic Fort Klock
Lisa Evans examines a large piece of history in a small-town setting in the Mohawk Valley of Central New York

Vietnam War Quiz
Alan Luke challenges readers on their knowledge of related Hollywood movies from the period

Christmas Crackers
Andrew Hind looks at the long tradition of the holiday cracker

The Hunt for the Snallygaster
James Rada Jr. explores the legendary tales of a monster that once terrified Middletown, Maryland

Not Just Waiting in the Wings
Terrence Cooley looks at Vice Presidents who made their mark

Death or Deception
John Christopher Fine looks at the alleged secret life of Napoleonís bravest general

Bob Fletcher Minded the Farm While the Folks were Away
David McCormick recounts how the kindness of one man helped save the farming livelihoods of many interned Japanese Americans in WWII

Go West, Young Englishman, In Search of Gold
Joseph McAleer shares an excerpt from his recent book about American railroad tycoon Harry Perry Robinson

CRAFT: An American History
In an extract from his new book, Glenn Adamson looks at how artisans created America, from its origins to the present day

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