April/May 2018
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Opening Notes
The Earliest Written Name; Great Stork Derby

The Extraordinary Afterlife of Jumbo the Elephant
Robbie Gorr examines how the legend of the most famous elephant lives on more than 130 years after his death

The 19th Century Swill Milk Scandal
Victoria Brown looks back almost 150 years at the effects of a milk scandal that took the lives of thousands of children in the US

The "Demon Chauffeur" and the "Automobile Bandits"
David A. Norris looks at the Bonnot Gang's 1912 Paris crime wave

Presidents and the Football
Martin Buckell reveals the history, and fumbles, of the most dangerous briefcase on the planet

The History of the Fountain Pen
Alex Kashko looks back at the history of the classic writing instrument and improvements made over the last couple of centuries

Friedrich Wilhem von Steuben: The Continental Army's Drillmaster
Arnold Blumberg examines the immigrant volunteer who believed in the American cause and the ideals behind it, and how he did much to forge America's Revolutionary Army into a formidable instrument of war

The Sketch Artist Who Came for Tea
Beverley Bley remembers the visits to her family by a Russian cipher clerk, Igor Gouzenko, who defected to Canada in the early days after World War II

Notorious Edinburgh
Christine Woodcock looks at some of the darker history of the Scottish capital

Ghost Blimp
Chuck Lyons looks at the mysterious crash of the United States Navy L-8 Blimp in Daly City, California in August 1942

The 1755 Lisbon Earthquake
David Funk looks at the disaster that changed Europe and the world forever

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