Spring 2021
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Opening Notes
The Plague Costume; Blue Monkeys; Etymology
of the Word ‘Kid’; Bass Reeves: Famous African American Deputy

A Hostess for a New Republic: Dolley Madison
David A. Norris looks at the first lady who is credited with creating the public role followed by her successors

The Making of an Airman
Beverley Foster Bley chronicles the story of her father’s RAF training during WWII

Architect Theodate Pope Riddle: Her Life and Work
Brian D’Ambrosio looks back at a woman who transcended barriers to be a recognized force in her profession in the early 20th century

Patrick Branwell Brontë: The Other Brontë
Robbie Gorr shines a light on the life of the brother of the famous literary sisters from the Yorkshire moors

Baron Dominique-Jean Larrey
Father of triage and implications for triage ethics amidst pandemics by George E. Tsourdinis, BS and Julius P. Bonello, MD

Croatia: Land of One Thousand Islands
Eric Bryan looks at the deep history of the popular country on the Balkan Peninsula

‘Mother Earth’ and the Mother of God
David Lewiston Sharpe suggests that the unique character of Marian devotion for the Catholic Church in Malta resonates back to the 4th Millennium BC

The Infamous Dr. Joseph Nash McDowell
Constance R. Cherba looks at the life of the unconventional St. Louis doctor
Terrence Cooley looks at Vice Presidents who made their mark

Tell it Like it Was
Andreas Forrer looks back through Swiss history to unravel the tale of William Tell

The Event
Paula Schwartz shares an excerpt from her book Today Sardines Are not for Sale

Introduction: A Collision of Two Worlds
In an excerpt from Richard Gergel’s Unexampled Courage, he details the impact of an incident that changed the course of America’s Civil Rights history

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