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Life During the Civil War: What's Inside

The following is the complete list of articles contained in Life During the Civil War

From Abatis to Zouaves: A Civil War Dictionary
What were some of the popular sayings, slang, jargon and military terms in
the 1860s?

A Tale of Two Capitals: Richmond and Washington
The war brought great changes to the lives of residents of Richmond and

Home Away From Home: Hotels of the Civil War
From four-star resorts to small town hostelries, hotel business boomed
during the war

Soundtrack to a Conflict: Music of the Civil War
Music, whether popular songs or military tunes, was as much a part of life
then as it is now

Starvation Parties and Confederate Candles?
Southerners found unusual substitutes for scarce staples, like wheat, pins,
shoe polish and coffee

Slumgullion, Salt Horse and Hell-Fired Stew!
What did soldiers, and their families at home, eat during the war years?

Relief From Reality: Civil War Humor
Popular humorists and jokes helped lighten hearts on both sides of the battle

Shinplasters and Greenbacks: Money During the Civil War
Banks, businesses, states, the Union and Confederacy all issued their own,
incompatible, money

Zouaves: New York Firemen and Louisiana Tigers
Instead of the familiar blue and gray, some regiments donned bright colors
and turbans

Man’s Best Friends: Pets in the Army
From the exotic to the common, animals were kept as companions and

Johnnie Reb and Billy Yank: Life in the Armies
Fresh recruits and veterans of past conflicts faced new, and familiar,
challenges in the Civil War

Fighting for Freedom: The US Colored Troops
African-American troops played a vital role in the Civil War

Sutler Shops: Convenience Stores for Soldiers
Where did soldiers get ink, ginger snaps or Valentine cards?

Life on Soap Suds Row: Army Laundresses
Laundry was a grueling, but essential, duty in army camps

Taking the Cars: Rail Travel During the Civil War
Though far from luxurious, or safe, trains became vital to the war effort and civilian life

What the Doctor Ordered: Hospitals and Medicine
Hospitals were understaffed, undersupplied and relied on dangerous cures and treatments

Common Civil War Medicines
Hospitals stocked standard treatments of the day, including mercury, opium and brandy

Fundraising Fairs: The US Sanitary Commission
Volunteer groups raised millions of dollars to improve military hospital and camp conditions

Picturing the Civil War: War Artists
Before modern photography and TV, how did people get a glimpse of the battles?

From the Frontlines to the Homefront: Newspapers
Despite shortages of labor and ink, papers fed the public appetite for news and entertainment

Telegrams: At the Speed of Lightning
The telegraph became an indispensible part of military and commercial communication during the war

Worth A Thousand Words: Photography in the Civil War
Despite technological limitations, photography boomed during the Civil War

“I Hain’t Got Any Stamps”: Confederate and Union Mail
Two postal systems kept soldiers and families in contact across shifting battlelines

The Civil War Navies: Cottonclads and Blockades
Whether they patrolled rivers or the South Pacific, a sailor’s life was far different than a soldier’s

The New Naval Warfare: Life on Ironclads
Heavily armored ironclads offered unique advantages, and dangers, to their crews

Missed It By That Much...!
From aseptic surgery to moon landings, the years after the Civil War were
full of amazing changes

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